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Counted Cross Stitch for Beginners

Next Classes Begin: 

Term 4 2023, not yet on sale

Two x Two hour sessions

$75.00 per person, which includes all materials, chart and hoop to complete your first project (approx. $15 value)

This class is suitable for beginners

Cross stitch is a great first step into learning embroidery, as it involves only a couple of simple hand stitches and their variations. It can be used to decorate garments, linen, and to create pictures. Kits using printed or stamped designs are readily available at hand craft stores, but in this class you will learn how to do counted cross stitch which allows you to be a lot more creative with your projects – you’ll only be limited by your imagination!

We’ll create a simple cross stitch project together which will allow you to learn the stitches you need as well as learning how to read a graph pattern. You’ll also learn about preparing your fabric and thread, choosing needles, starting, and finishing your stitching, and how to add embellishments – everything you need to start you on your cross-stitch journey!

Cross stitching is a calm, relaxing process which can help develop concentration and hand-eye coordination, creativity, and self-discipline – it also provides a great sense of achievement to see a finished project. Best of all it requires very few supplies, and so doesn’t cost a lot to get started.

Knit Your Own Socks

Next Classes Begin: 

Friday afternoons October 6th - 20th, 2023

Book Your Place Here

Three x Two & a half hour sessions

$ 95 per person

Pre-requisite - confident knitting both knit and purl stitches. This is NOT a learn to knit class.

Join me for three fun knitting sessions and learn the intricacies of making your own socks. You can bring along your own tools and materials to make your own pair of luxurious socks, or you can work up a sample sock on needles & yarns which we have in our yarn bag.

Over three weekly sessions you will spend seven and a half hours in the studio learning the basics of sock knitting. We'll explore some of the many techniques involved in sock knitting including:

•needle choice; double pointed vs. circular


•casting on

•heel turning options

•foot shaping & finishing

•personalising your socks

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